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Gentlemen’s Approach

Gentlemen's Barber Services

  • Customised Haircut

    From $45.00
    A haircut that goes beyond, a one-size-fits-all hairstyle. Includes a hair wash.
  • Tailored Restyle

    From $15.00
    Designed exclusively for you.
  • Precision Clip

    From $30.00
    Attention to detail, resulting in a cut that is sharp, neat and flawless. Includes a hair wash.
  • Kid’s Haircuts

    (Refer to 'Kids' page)

Gentlemen's Deluxe Grooming

  • Heated Towel & Shave

    From $75.00
    A luxurious grooming experience that combines barbering techniques with relaxation. A must have!
  • Facial Hair Sculpting

    From $40.00
    Elevate your grooming routine with our luxurious barber beard and moustache service.
  • Scalp Revitalisation

    From $20.00
    A well-deserved revitalisation awaits. Your scalp will feel invigorated, alive and healthy.

Bespoke Hair Colouring

  • Beard & Moustache Service

    From 50.00
    Revel in the confidence that comes with unveiling a beard and moustache that reflect your style and personalty.
  • Gentlemen’s Tint

    From 80.00
    Embrace the artistry of transformation as we blend greys and unveil a fusion of colour.
  • Dimensional Highlights or Bleaching Services

    From $105.00
    Experience bespoke craftsmanship with this service, where each shade is meticulousy chosen to create a tailored effect.
  • Toner Deluxe

    From 60.00
    Used to neutralise undertones, creating a balanced and natural looking hair colour.